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Whitton Pet Centre shoot

Today both myself, and Ben Spear ( did a photoshoot for a good friend of ours Carly Birss, joint owner of Whitton Pet Centre, in Whitton High Street.

Ben managed to get hold of alot of flash equipment for us to use, so whilst he photographed animals out back using his Canon 40D and two flash heads, I shot inside with my Canon 7D, sync cable and two flash heads.

First up then Buddy:-



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Whitton Pet Centre Prep Shoot

Visited Whitton Pet Centre today in preparation for an up coming photoshoot event on 10th July, check them out on Facebook and become a fan if you havn’t already. Here’s the test shots from today, come along on 10th July and bring your animals for the photoshoot.

More to come soon, as and when time allows.

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