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Farnborough Air Show

Great view of Farnborough Air Show from my desk, so took the camera into work today and managed to get a few good snaps. As the Air Show hasn’t even started yet, and these are test flight photo’s I should imagine this post will increase in size 🙂

Whitton Pet Centre shoot

Today both myself, and Ben Spear ( did a photoshoot for a good friend of ours Carly Birss, joint owner of Whitton Pet Centre, in Whitton High Street.

Ben managed to get hold of alot of flash equipment for us to use, so whilst he photographed animals out back using his Canon 40D and two flash heads, I shot inside with my Canon 7D, sync cable and two flash heads.

First up then Buddy:-



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Random, older Photo’s

Been looking through my hard drive, and having a play in Lightroom at some of my older photo’s, so here’s the best of the rest. More to come….

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Welcome to….

Polo GTi

On the way back from GTi International, took the opportunity to take a few snaps of my mates Polo GTi.

GTi International

Today I went to GTi International at Bruntingthorpe, near Leicester. Mixed bag of modified and performance cars from the Volkswagen and Audi Group. Have been for the past 3 years, and this one seemed to be the busiest yet.

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New blog, new software, new photo’s

Was my birthday yesterday and Jenny got me Adobe Lightroom,  its a great photo editing software package that integrates with Photoshop and Photomatix. Spent much of yesterday playing around with the pictures I took in the Isle of Wight a few days before, with some interesting results.

Click the ink below to reveal more….

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